Items To Have On Hand When Coaching A Kids’ Baseball Or Softball Team

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  • April 13, 2018
  • When someone decides to teach children the fundamentals of baseball or softball by enrolling to be a team coach, having specific items readily available for the participants will be necessary. Since it is unlikely all children will be prepared with helpful items while on the field, it is a good idea for a coach to take the responsibility in keeping necessities nearby in case they are needed. Here are some must-have items to keep in the dugout or off-field during practices and games.

    A Variety Of Snacks And Beverages

    Keeping some snacks and drinks available for children to consume is a good idea. If the weather is exceptionally warm, dehydration can be a problem. Keeping the team hydrated will be of the utmost importance. Snacks can also be kept in case someone feels weak or if they need a boost of energy while engaging in their sporting activity.

    A First Aid Kit For Emergencies

    It is a smart idea to have team first aid kits available in case an injury is to occur during gameplay or practice. Bags with a rigid outer layer will be well-protected against crushing. First aid kits should include an antiseptic lotion or cream, bandages, a pair of tweezers, and an ice pack. Purchasing bags with items already included will save the coach time as they will not need to go to a pharmacy or grocery store to obtain these pieces themselves. The kit should be carried at all time when children will be involved in their sporting activity to aid in treating injuries immediately after they occur.

    A Few Spare Uniforms And Gameplay Accessories

    It is best to have a few extra uniforms ready for players to use if necessary. These will come in handy if someone’s outfit suffers from a tear or excessive moisture. They can also be used if a player who was sitting on the bench decides they would like to be involved in a game. Extra bats, balls, and gloves should also be available for children to use for practicing the skills necessary for playing the game. These can be returned at the end of the session.